Ausgro Technologies

Ausgro Technologies P/L is an Australian owned and operated company that specializes in manufacturing environmentally safe garden protection products for the home garden market. Our Sharp Shooter range of insect, fungicide control and liquid fertilizer is designed to be of the highest quality. All products are manufactured here in Australia and registered with the A.P.V.M.A. a government authority that has stringent regulations for controlling the quality, safety and performance of our products. As well as meeting all regulatory requirements we have our products tested by an independent laboratory as part of our quality assurance program.

Environmentally Friendly

Ausgro Technologies has been working towards making its Sharp Shooter range of plant protection products as environmentally friendly as possible while still ensuring that they remain highly effective and scientifically sound. We have formed a relationship with Sustainable Gardening Australia who are a highly respected and totally independent environmental authority so that all our products can be graded by them and independently assessed. Most of our products are graded low which is the best possible environmental grading.

Available From Major leading Nurseries and Garden Centres